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The transition from FTM can include several surgical procedures. Every person is different in the changes they want to achieve, and Dr. Beck works closely with you at every step of your journey to a body that finally reflects your true self in every way. Some of the other procedures that may be needed include:

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FTM Facial Surgery

Certain facial features signal either femininity, while others are singularly masculine. FTM facial surgery can allow you to have the facial features in hairline, brows, forehead, nose, lips, jaw, and chin, and facial hair. For a truly masculine look, a customized surgical plan will be developed with you.

The ability to see the differences in facial structure with our VECTRA 3D system makes the process exciting – you can try on different changes with digital imaging technology. What will you need? Only a private consultation will reveal which procedures will help you achieve the masculine facial structure that creates the perfect look to reflect your real self.

TG Hair Restoration

Dr. Beck offers an advanced hair restoration technique that makes it possible to create masculine facial hair growth. The areas of the face that may require transplants include beard, brows, sideburns or mustache. While hormone therapy does wonders in triggering the growth of facial hair, the final outcome may not be as thick and lush as you had hoped for. The NeoGraft hair restoration technology is far superior to the traditional methods of hair restoration, and can allow you to have thick, masculine brows, or facial hair that is creates a more thoroughly masculine appearance.

Body Masculinization

How do you fully “masculinize” a body? Only a custom surgical plan can answer that question for you. Various surgical procedures may be required, including top surgery to achieve an upper chest that is flat and athletic, to liposuction to trim away areas of excess fat that give the body the female look. The body will now appear trimmer, sleeker, and masculine.

A Body That Reflects Your Masculine Identity

Your body is currently in a specific condition, and it may require several surgical enhancements to alter shape to appear fully masculine, from face to body. Dr. Beck is recognized as one of the nation’s premier transgender surgeons, and offers his patients the full scope of custom procedures to alter the body shape to achieve a masculine contour and appearance.

Every patient is unique in what procedures will be required. We invite you to find out more about what will be needed, and to experience the care, support, and compassion that makes the journey from FTM a true adventure. Dr. Beck has extensive experience in FTM transition surgery, and can guide you through your individual options, as well as answer all of your questions and concerns fully. We urge you to meet with Dr. Beck at his discreet Charlotte clinic to start the process – it is your future, and we are here to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life – with a body that matches your identity.

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