Insurance for TG Surgery

As our culture evolves, new opportunities arise. There are some insurance companies that cover TG surgery under certain circumstances (which must be fully documented for approval). To have your procedure(s) approved, you must be prepared with the following:

  • A letter from your primary care physical to document any facts associated with your desire to transition from MTF or FTM.
  • A letter from a qualified mental health practitioner that testifies to the fact that you suffer from what is termed “gender dysphoria.”
  • Other documentation may be required based upon your individual case, including court documentation or others.
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The Basics of Insurance Coverage for TG Surgery

It is a sad fact that top surgery is often the only surgery covered by insurance, with the other needed procedures considered to be cosmetic. While we may not agree, this is the current state of affairs in the health insurance industry. We help our patients through every aspect of filing an insurance claim or engaging in a concerted effort to get a TG procedure approved. While this can be difficult, we offer credit options to help our patients get the surgical procedures they need to live life as they deserve – in the right body.


Every procedure involves a period of recovery, which varies depending upon the extent of the surgery. At our clinic, we are committed to helping you through this critical time, and we carefully monitor every aspect of the healing process. For some surgeries, you will need at least two weeks off work, while for others you may need just a few days. The essence of transitioning from MTF or FTM is committing your time and understanding that it will require time to achieve the body you envision.

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Transgender Breast Enlargement Basics

One of the most important transitional surgeries is breast augmentation. While hundreds of thousands of breast augmentations are performed across the USA every year, as a TG procedure, there are aspects that are significantly different. The balance of the body, including shoulder width, chest width, and body shape, along with the patient’s wishes, and the various options in breast implants are all vital considerations.

Recovery time is typically about one to two weeks before returning to work for most patients. You will have full aftercare instructions, and our support throughout the healing process.

Some decisions need to be made, including:

  • Size, shape, and projection of the new breasts
  • Type of implant – saline, silicone, gummy bear
  • Implant placement – submuscular or subglandular

Living Your True Life

Many people question why they were born in the wrong body. Nature remains a mystery in many ways, but thankfully, modern surgical technology makes it possible to live life ahead in a body that matches your true gender.

The journey can be long and arduous, but the end result is well worth it – when your surgeries are performed by a top-level, respected TG surgeon. Dr. Beck has credentials and experience beyond the ordinary and takes great pride in helping his patients live life as their true selves.

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Dr. Beck is frequently asked to speak in various forums, including professional gatherings of plastic surgeons, and events open to the general public. You are invited to attend these public lectures to meet with Dr. Beck personally for a no-cost mini-consultation. What better way to find out more about TG surgery, and get your questions answered?

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