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VECTRA 3D Imaging

Digital imaging is a technological advancement that allows patients to see what can (and cannot) be achieved with a plastic surgery procedure. At Beck Aesthetic Surgery in Charlotte, we offer our patients the ability to “try on” the results of a surgical procedure. The VECTRA 3D imaging system aids in surgical planning and is the most accurate method by which you can see what various sizes and shapes of implants will look like, or the changes that a facelift or other procedure can produce.

Viewing a Simulation of a Surgical Result with the VECTRA 3D Imaging System

The system captures your actual face or body, so you can preview an expected result. The VECTRA 3D system allows Dr. Beck to photograph face or body and create a simulation of a completed surgery – on your unique body, breasts, or face.

Your Private Consultation

A consultation to discuss a procedure with the VECTRA 3D system makes the experience exciting and truly informative. While it is always advised that you look at “befores and afters” of other patients, this system allows you to see what the change will look like – on you.

In your private consultation, a series of digital photos will be taken of your face or body. These photos can then be altered, step by step, with a specialized pen and pad. You will be deeply involved in making the decision about the look you want, and to see how it will look on your face or body. This system is an important aspect of our practice, as we are committed to achieving outstanding results – and this high-tech system aids us to fully understand the changes you envision.

Benefits of the VECTRA 3D Imaging System

While no computer image is 100 percent accurate in perfectly matching the final real-world result, this system is extremely helpful in planning a customized surgical procedure to meet your expectations, and create improvements that will look natural, balanced, and right for your facial structure, breasts, or body.

Dr. Beck is a professional in every aspect of his plastic surgery practice. He uses this system to benefit his patients, and planning surgery. The benefits for a patient include:

  • The ability to “try on” a cosmetic enhancement and see the result within seconds – on your unique face or body
  • Understanding of what various sizes and shapes of breast implants will look like on your body
  • To increase or decrease the outcomes of face or body plastic surgery to see the difference of various degrees of change in body contouring, facial surgeries, or other enhancement

Digital Imaging for Facial Enhancement

Every plastic surgery procedure is customized, and various outcomes are possible. When considering a facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job), ear surgery, or eyelid surgery, it is vital that the surgery achieves what you expect – and with this system, it is far more possible. It allows you to see the results achieved by more or less in an aesthetic correction, including nose shapes and sizes, changes in eyelids, facial implants, changes surgically created for jaw and chin, along with variations of facelift procedures.

3D Images and Your Decision

A picture of your own face, breasts, or body, enhanced, reveals far more about the planned procedure, aiding you to have a realistic concept of what to expect. The beauty of this system is that you work closely with our surgeon, with your vision and your input as a critical factor in how we proceed. It is an artistic collaboration you are invited to experience!

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