What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that lifts the breasts upwards to improve their shape and position. Size is not all there is to beautiful breasts. If your nipples point downward or your breasts sag and lack firmness, you may be a good candidate for breast lift surgery. The breast lift procedure removes excess skin, lifts, and reshapes the breasts to create a firmer feel and a more youthful look. This surgery can be performed in combination with breast augmentation for women who want to add volume, restore firmness, and increase breast projection.

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What is the Cost of a Breast Lift Surgery?

The cost of a breast lift surgery is $10,000 – $13,000, this price reflects the total cost—the surgeon’s fee, the OR fee, the anesthetic fee, and anything else needed in your procedure.

How Is a Breast Lift Procedure Performed?

At Beck Aesthetic Surgery, the best breast lift surgery is performed by Dr. Joel Beck, a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in procedures of the breast and a reputation for superior results. To perform a breast lift in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Beck will make small incisions placed in one of several possible locations:


Around the areola may be the best incision placement when nipple sensitivity is a primary concern or when a breast lift is performed in combination with breast augmentation (implant placement). Areolar incision placement is an excellent technique for camouflaging incision lines. It may be recommended for women who have A or B cup breast sizes and mild breast sagging.

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In this technique, incisions are placed around the areola and vertically from the areola to the breast crease. The lollipop approach may be recommended for women with moderately pronounced sagging and average breast size. It allows access for the surgeon to recontour breast tissue and nipple placement with a more youthful shape and position.

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Also known as an inverted T, the anchor breast lift technique involves incisions around the areola, vertically from the areola to the breast crease, and horizontally along the fold underneath the breast. This may be the best approach for women with moderate to severe sagging and larger breast sizes, or when a breast lift is performed in combination with breast reduction surgery.

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Reasons to Have a Breast Lift

Like the rest of the body, the breasts can change with time and gravity and various factors affecting their shape and firmness. Women choose to have a breast lift in Charlotte, NC at Beck Aesthetic Surgery:

  • To reverse the effects of aging on the breasts: As women grow older, the skin around the breasts loses elasticity, leaving the breasts vulnerable to the effects of gravity. Over time, breast volume is pulled downward, causing sagging and loss of shape and firmness. A breast lift may be the right option to restore a perkier, more youthful silhouette.
  • To reclaim their bodies after pregnancy and breastfeeding: Although motherhood is one of life’s most wonderful experiences, it can wreak havoc on the body and the breasts. Pregnancy causes weight gain in the breasts, while breastfeeding causes the breasts to stretch and shrink repeatedly throughout the day. A woman who has finished breastfeeding and is not planning to have more children may be a good candidate for a breast lift.
  • To improve the shape of the breasts after significant weight loss: For many women, weight loss shows first in the breasts. Significant weight loss can cause dramatic changes in the breasts, leaving them limp, saggy, and lacking in firmness and shape. After working hard to achieve weight-loss goals, women may choose to have a breast lift in Charlotte, NC to restore shape and projection to their breasts.

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