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Brazilian Butt Lift
Charlotte, NC

Our Charlotte Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure that uses body contouring with liposuction and fat grafting to augment the buttocks. This minimally-invasive technique enhances the size and shape of the buttocks using the patient’s own fat, taken from other areas of the body. An important advantage of the Brazilian butt lift is that it slims and contours the waist, hips, back, and abdomen to harvest fat to augment the buttocks, which can further enhance your curves.

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Dr. Joel Beck at Beck Aesthetic Surgery is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and experience in liposuction and fat grafting procedures. He performs the Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte, NC with beautiful, natural-looking results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Not everyone who wants to enhance the buttocks is ready to undergo surgery to place implants. The Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte, NC provides a minimally-invasive treatment option using the patient’s own fat with no chance of rejection or allergic reaction. You may be a good candidate for this procedure if you:

  • Are over the age of 18
  • Are in good general health
  • Have reached a stable weigh close to your ideal weight
  • Have sufficient fat in appropriate areas for liposuction
  • Want to increase the size of your buttocks
  • Want to improve the shape of your buttocks
  • Have flat or sagging buttocks
  • Feel that your derriere is not in proportion with the rest of your body
  • Have a butt that is drooping with aging
  • Believe rounder, fuller buttocks will improve your figure
  • Want to slim the waist while augmenting the buttocks

Ultrasound-assisted surgery

To enhance both the results and the safety of a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Beck uses an ultrasound-assisted injection technique. This approach to fat injections ensures that the transferred fat cells are placed precisely and correctly to avoid complications and enhance the results.

Problems could arise if the fat cells are incorrectly injected into the muscle tissue, posing a risk of entering major blood vessels. With ultrasound, the fat cells are injected into the space between the skin and muscle, where the transferred cells will enhance the shape of your butt, without compromising your health. The added safety features of the ultrasound device include:

  • Wireless device
  • Settings that optimized for enhanced imaging
  • Higher needle guidance during the procedure

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How Is the Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

A Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte, NC can create perkier, more youthful buttocks, a flatter stomach, a slimmer waist, and a better overall body profile. This procedure can be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation.

Dr. Beck uses advanced liposuction techniques to harvest fat from the abdomen, back, hips, or other areas of the body. The fat is purified by spinning it in a centrifuge and injected to add volume and enhance the shape of the buttocks.

What Is Recovery Like after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most people recover for two weeks after a Brazilian butt lift procedure. It is important to avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for at least two weeks after surgery. Do not drive, and sleep on your side or your stomach, not on your back, during healing.

You may experience some tenderness in the buttocks and the liposuction fat donor areas, which should begin to subside as your body recovers. You will be provided with a compression garment to wear during your recovery to reduce swelling and discomfort and help protect your new slimmer waist and fuller buttocks.

Dr. Joel Beck Goes Over the Recovery Process After Receiving a Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt Lift Charlotte, NC

How Long Do Results Last with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

When fat grafting is performed properly by a board-certified plastic surgeon, results of a Brazilian butt lift are long-lasting. Fat cells transferred from other areas of the body should survive and continue functioning as they did in the donor site.

What is the Cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The cost of a Brazilian butt lift in Charlotte can range anywhere from $11,000 – $13,000. This price includes all surgeon, OR and anesthetic fees and is a final and total cost with no hidden fees.

Benefits of the Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure is an excellent, less invasive alternative to butt augmentation with implants. Advantages of the Brazilian butt lift include:

  • No foreign objects placed in the body. The procedure uses your own natural fat to augment the buttocks.
  • No surgical scars in the buttocks. While a surgeon must make incisions to place buttocks implants, fat transfer to the buttocks is performed with injections that leave barely visible marks.
  • Double the benefits. The Brazilian butt lift enhances your derriere while slimming your waist and other areas of the body.
  • Minimally-invasive procedure. Compared to butt augmentation with implants, you can expect a quicker procedure, an easier recovery, and less downtime after a Brazilian butt lift.

Contact us today and schedule a consultation for one of the best Brazilian butt lifts Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Why choose Dr. Beck and ultrasound-assisted surgery?

Brazilian butt lifts are an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure, but the treatment is not free from risk. As a board-certified plastic surgeon at the leading edge, Dr. Beck ensures his patients undergo this body enhancement with the most advanced techniques to achieve superior results.

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