Had an excellent experience with this experienced, professional team. Dr. Beck is a skilled surgeon who listens to his patients. He and his team were responsive, and were willing to work with another surgeon to schedule two surgeries back-to-back (I needed a hernia repaired as well). This co-scheduling turned out to be complex and a nuisance, but Dr. Beck's office persisted and got it done - all during COVID. I'm very pleased I chose Dr. Beck for my surgery. He is a great resource to the trans community in NC and SC. I'm very grateful he's practicing full-time in Charlotte.

The team is absolutely phenomenal. Everyone working there clearly cares about the work they do and the happiness of the patients. My experience was great and Dr. Beck is clearly very experienced at his work and did a great job for me. I am transgender and felt that he truly values his contributions to that community. I could tell that he was almost as happy about being able to help me have the body that I could finally be comfortable in as I was to get it. I am very happy with the surgery results and would recommend him to anyone else looking for surgery.

I had Top Surgery with Dr. Beck and my results are absolutely incredible. His staff is so kind and Joy always made me feel so safe and comfortable.

Dr. Beck and his team are awesome!!!! He did an amazing job on my top surgery and has a fantastic staff. I feel very confident and comfortable asking questions and speaking with everyone there. 10/10, would recommend!

Dr Beck is a talented surgeon and kind man. His Bedside manner and professionalism made me feel comfortable. He was very knowledgeable about what procedures i needed, and also listened to my needs/ vision for myself. His staff is also exceptional. They worked with my insurance diligently to get me covered, and scheduled quickly. I definitely would recommend dr Beck to anyone seeking aesthetic surgeries or procedures to live a better quality of life.

When I began looking into Top Surgery I was overwhelmed. There are so many doctors who have different techniques and practices and they are spread out. I saw Dr. Beck and loved his results but saw he was in NC and I lived in NY. I was concerned about going that far with such a big surgery. I discussed my options with my GF and she singled out Dr. Beck as well and said We will figure it out because this is who we need to see. I contacted their office and the very first person I spoke to was extremely helpful and kind. I immediately received all the information I requested and then some. I scheduled the consultation and went to visit him in person. His bedside manner is so genuine and hospitable and Joy was equally heartfelt. They wanted to know what my goal was and what I expected out of my results. He listens and showed me what he was going to do and how. They asked how and why we chose them and how we found them and they were extremely grateful that we had selected them as part of my journey. Dr. Beck has two well known practices (NC & CA) and he alternates, but let me assure you. I called...a lot and his staff is fantastic. They handled everything. They helped with insurance stuff and medications and documents. You name it they took care of it. You are in good hands with everyone in the office. I never once doubted my decision in Dr. Beck. I had a follow up virtual with Dr. Beck before surgery and worked out any lingering questions I had. He listened to my concerns and what I wanted and was real about what he thought may or may not happen. My results came out great. I had my surgery June 9 2020. COVID pushed back my original date, but that only allowed their staff and my insurance to iron out the last bit of details. I am now 2 weeks post op and I have seen Joy twice for each of my follow up in person and she is skilled, kind, compassionate and a loving person who makes you feel taken care of and in capable hands. Since I live so far they were super accommodating and helpful and made sure I was taken care of. I chose to do in person 2nd follow up to be safe, but they were willing to do whatever I needed. I am to have another virtual with Dr. Beck next week. I can not thank Dr. Beck and his staff enough. During the entire process they called me my preferred name and never once mislabeled me or made me feel less than what I am. I may be freshly cut, but i finally am not ashamed of my chest and walk around knowing I look the way I feel. I highly recommend them to anyone

I have had an excellent experience at Beck Aesthetic Surgery every staff member has been courteous, informed, and I have never felt judgment about gender identity. Joy, Dr. Beck's assistant, has been extremely helpful and comforting through everything, very pleasant to interact with. Dr. Beck is an amazing surgeon with great bedside manner he answers all your questions, without condescension, and provides incredible detail in those answers. You really feel equipped for any procedure. I felt almost no fear going into my surgery because I knew I was in good hands.

Dear Dr. Beck, Thank you!!!! …for supporting girls like me. …for transforming my body into the woman I always wanted to be. I love my new curves and I can’t stop looking at the mirror. You have done the BEST JOB! Thank you for being an amazing doctor; YES! When I picture you, you have a superhero cape : ) You truly care about your patients. Every time you visited me at my hotel room I felt special. You truly changed my life. :) Thank you for shaping my transition! Muchas Gracias!

Excellent care, wonderfully inclusive LGBT experience as a trans man, treated with dignity by everyone involved with my procedure, very thankful for everything

I had an amazing experience with Dr. Beck. I am currently 3 and a half months post top surgery, and I am completely thrilled with the results. I would absolutely recommend this surgeon. Dr. Beck was very kind and personable. His nurse Joy gave me the best customer service I have ever received in a medical practice. Dr. Beck is one of the few surgeons in the area that takes insurance for FTM top surgery.

Without a shadow of a doubt, my selection of Dr. Joel Beck, as my surgeon, for my facial surgery, was the best decision that I could have made. The time and analysis that I put into my selection process was very important to me, as this was my face and I wanted the best results for me. My process involved researching the websites of the various surgeons, meeting up in person with individuals who went to the various surgeons, reviewing before and after photographs, and having in person consultations with the surgeons – and I had ten of them! Once this was completed, I narrowed down the ten to my top three and arranged to have a second consult with each of them, before I was going to make my decision. In that second round of consults, I asked additional questions of the proposed procedures and about their surgical infection rates and post-surgical complications and rates. At the end of this process, I knew I made the right choice in Dr. Joel Beck and I soon after paid my surgical deposit at the end of September 2013 for an end of February 26, 2014 surgical date. This date was not set back due to scheduling in Dr. Beck’s office but it focused around my personal schedule.

As I reside in Canada, I did not have the opportunity to visit Dr. Beck’s office, in Foster City, until two days before my surgical date. The facilities were very spacious, considered new (as he relocated into them the previous fall). I was welcomed by his wonderful staff and I completed the remaining documentation. After a very brief discussion with Melissa, I met with Jasmine and was informed that Dr. Beck was still in surgery, but she would complete the majority of the pre-surgical requirements. While we were doing this, Dr. Beck arrived and finished off what Jasmine still had to do. He took a few measurements, as I was getting a couple of implants with my procedures, and then said he would order the size of implant that would best suit me. I was then asked to return the next day as he would have the implants and would position them externally on my face to ensure that we would have the best fit for my face. The next day, I returned and he finished his analysis with the implants and I was cleared for surgery the next morning.

Following his directions, I had nothing to eat or drink from 11 p.m. on the evening before my surgical date. I arrived at the Sutter Health – Mills-Peninsula Health Services facility in San Matteo the next morning and was quickly admitted. After a brief wait, I was called into the pre-surgical area and was changed into lovely and fashionable hospital attire (gown, booties and hair cap) and as then taken into one of the pre-surgical rooms. After some quick vitals were taken, I meet with the anesthesiologist and then with Dr. Beck as he arrived to mark my face with a marker. After he was done, we just went over all the procedures again and I was then escorted to the Operating Room. Upon arrival, I positioned myself on the table, a couple of IV’s were started and after few brief introductions with everyone in the room, I was put to sleep.

When I awoke, I had pain and my vision was blurry as my eyes were mostly swollen shut. That was my greatest fear going into the surgery – that I would end up with some permanent vision issues. The post-surgical care in at the Sutter Health – Mills-Peninsula Health Services facility was second to none! The nursing staff was exceptional and demonstrated excellent patient care. They made sure that I was resting comfortably and that if I needed anything it was addressed very promptly.

The next day Dr. Beck came to check on me and said that everything looked great. It was difficult for me to comment as my vision was still restricted but was slowly coming back. I was then subsequently discharged and told to come and see him at his office in a few days to get my nose splint off and to remove some of the packing. I then saw him again after ten days and he removed the staples that I had in my skull. During that visit, it was determined that the incisions around my nose were battling an infection. Initially, Dr. Beck suggested that this can be addressed via some antibiotics and my cleaning around the incisions and letting it heal naturally. He then changed his mind as said we are going to address it now and he asked me to come with him to his treatment room. He proceeded to clean the incisions and once he was satisfied, he performed his magic with his expert suturing skills around my nose and wrote a script for a strong antibiotic. When I returned home, I had to see my family physician to remove the fine sutures and his comment was that “Whoever did this suturing was an expert and had to be a plastic surgeon as no family physician would be able to suture that well.” It should also be noted that I also received a card from the hospital upon my return home which wished me a speedy recovery and was signed by everyone who I came in contact with during my time at the Sutter Health – Mills-Peninsula Health Services facility.

The healing continued and I saw Dr. Beck, in person, four weeks post-op and we were both very pleased with the results. Then the unexpected happened the following week. I somehow managed to touch something and when I rubbed my eye, it started to make the area around my eye swell, until it basically swelled one side of my face. I was very concerned as it was affecting the area around one of my implants so I contacted Dr. Beck’s office. The assistance was second to none! He was just as gravely concerned as I was and he worked with me to get a suggested treatment to address it, with a physician where I currently was. He also provided me with a cell number that I could reach him at any time. In addition, he followed up with me on a regular basis. The antibiotic helped and the swelling went away in due course.

I know that it will take six months to a year before the final results are totally realized, but I am very happy with the results to date; and it will only get better! Dr. Joel Beck is a very kind, caring and compassionate surgeon, whose surgical knowledge, expertise and excellent surgical precision are second to none. He has been there for me to answer my questions and concerns, from our very first encounter, to the separate consults, to the actual surgery and subsequent post-op care. He never once tried to tell me that I needed more work than I had already decided to have. He suggested various options but always left the final decision to me. Dr. Joel Beck has made a huge difference in my life. Although, I know I looked ok before the surgery and many people told me that I didn’t need it; I decided to do it for myself and no one else. He achieved what I thought was impossible – to align my appearance to that of which I always had in my mind. You have had a very positive impact on my life and for that I wish to say “Thank You Dr. Joel Beck!

One year ago, I placed my hopes and my dreams of changing what I hoped could be changed, in order to look at myself in the mirror without crying, in your hands. I was so afraid. Afraid of surgery, as I'd never had anything like this done before. Afraid for my results, as I wasn't sure how things would turn out. Afraid of the consequences of my choice. The phone calls leading to my decision to work with you, and most especially the pre-surgery consultation the day before, the genuine caring nature of our conversations, and the complete confidence that you, Dr Beck, truly understood what I wanted and could deliver gave me the strength to walk into that operating room.

One year ago, I woke up in the recovery room and have never regretted my decision. The results I see in the mirror every day remind me of the RIGHTNESS of that decision. The automatic responses of the people around me, in how they address me without hesitation confirms the RESULTS of that decision. The genuine gratitude I hold in my heart for you, your staff and all those who cared for me confirms the DEPTH of IMPACT that decision has had on me.

My journey continues and you have made it somewhat easier through your amazing skills and compassion - you listened to me, you never pushed, you delivered more than I expected. Each of you has touched me more than you likely ever realized.

I was put in touch with your practice when I was starting to plan my transition and I am so grateful that I was.

I remember being so nervous driving up to my initial appointment, but everyone at the surgery center was wonderful and courteous and professional, which instantly put me at ease.

I particularly liked the way that Dr Beck uses a computer simulation. You really do get to make adjustments and give your own input and see what you're aiming for before you have any surgery.

And I would also say that even though I look different from my surgery than I did before, I think its more a "female" version of me as opposed to a completely different face.

I also really liked the way that the surgery staff worked within *my* schedules for transition, rather than me having to plan things around my surgery. And the cost of my surgery was within my budget as well.

The surgery itself went great, and I am absolutely delighted with the outcome.

I have to say that my FFS surgery with Dr Beck was truly life-changing for me. As a transgender patient, FFS can play a crucial part in ones transition, and how you are perceived and accepted in society.

My FFS with Dr Beck played an enormous role in making my transition a successful one.

I would certainly recommend anyone in transition to have a consultation with Dr Beck.

It was really great getting to see you when I came in for my 3 month checkup. Since you were busy, I didn't think I was going to get to, and I was a bit bummed. Then you sprung up when you saw me! That really made me feel good :-) Thank you. Anyway, we didn't get much time to chat, and the girls said you all love email, so I thought I would send you one with an update.

As I mentioned in my last email to you, this surgery has really changed my life. I've been full-time now for almost 4 months now, and every day I feel more and more like myself, and less and less like a tranny. I haven't felt at all male since the day of the surgery, so thank you!!! I pass completely in public, and am constantly getting oggled, hit on, etc. My height gets me some looks, but who cares - they're just jealous haha. I am SO happy, it's really amazing.

The hormones have taken really really well. I have hips now, and I'm getting a bum. Both have caused me to start having to really watch my diet, which is fine. My skin has softened quite a bit, and my body hair has thinned, softened, become blonde and like fuzz. My pores have closed up, my acne cleared quite a bit, and my hair has softened. Also, some of my receding areas are starting to grow back. And my breasts... yeah, those are working haha. I still wear my forms, but I'm about an A cup already.

As the swelling has slowly gone down from the surgery, I've struggled with concerns and feelings that the boy was coming back a bit. I mean, my face was thinning out from the loss of swelling, and since no work was done on the lower half of my face, I could totally see my old self there, and I hated it! Everyone else has been telling me how much more feminine I look, every time they see me. And to some extent I believe them... but there's been that nagging doubt, that question of whether they are inflating things, you know? And then there are the snapshots my friends take - maybe 1 out of 25 I like, and none do I love. Part of the problem I have is my hair, and having to hide those receding areas. I can make it look decent, and I get a lot of compliments, but I just don't like it.

So, I booked myself an appt with Glamour Shots for last Sunday. Are you familiar with them? They did my makeup (pretty much the same way I do it) and curled my hair just with a curling iron (I'm trying to teach myself that now!), and voila! I loved the hair!!! OMG!!!! The photo shoot was SO fun. They actually thought I had done it a lot - they said I was a natural. But it was my first time!! And I don't believe they had any idea at all about my past. It was so validating!!! While they downloaded the pictures for viewing, I walked the huge mall, full of people. Again, no looks at all!!

And the pictures!!! Amazing!! I almost cried when I saw them. I had so much trouble picking out the ones I had to not buy, and I ended up spending far too much. Part of my package included a DVD of all the pictures from the shoot. I've pulled the pics out, and attached them for you to view and show the rest of the staff, if you'd like to. They are not touched up - straight off the camera - and they are not great quality, in order to prevent stealing of them haha, but they still look awesome to me. This was exactly the confidence boost I needed. Now I can finally see what others have been seeing.

I can't thank you all enough for everything. Please give Dr. Beck another big hug for me. I have been referring people to you left and right. I've actually lost count of how many people have come to you in my name haha. Lori and I just worked to gather to convince a Lisa from the UK to come over - I believe she already has an appt with you! I will continue to spread the joy you've brought into my life.

Thanks you thank you thank you

It has been some eight months since my surgery, so I'm well overdue to write to express my thanks for everything you have done for me. I'm such a satisfied customer that perhaps you will indulge me as I elaborate and drop the odd anecdote to explain why I'm so pleased about every aspect of dealing with all of you at BAAS.

I'm sure that you get plenty of testimonials gushing about the specifics of feminization surgery performed (in my case: breast augmentation, tracheal shave, frontal bossing, eye reshaping, brow lift and rhinoplasty – about 7.5 hours of surgery, as I recall). So, maybe I'll just concentrate on why it is that I'm so shameless about singing your praises to all who will give me a chance. It all boils down to quality, value, ethics and thoughtfulness.

* I don't have any experience in rating the quality of aesthetic surgery, so my opinion is unlikely to carry much weight, however delighted I may be – and you can be sure I am delighted. However, a number of people I know who do know about such things are very impressed. By way of a simple example, my electrologist tells me that my breasts are quite the best feeling and most natural looking of any that she's seen, and she sees them all day. She's also impressed enough by the work done on my face (and like everything else, she sees them under magnification) that she's now recommending BAAS to her clientele.

* I'm not terribly price-sensitive, since I have a moderately well paying job, but I was struck by how reasonable the price was for such a large amount of surgery. Although it would be inappropriate for me to quote any dollar amounts, I have an interesting comparison price point. A colleague of mine recently had a nasal polyp removed and had his nasal passages opened up at the same time. He was in the OR for under an hour. My whole bill, including an overnight stay in a recovery facility was only about 25% more than his. He's relieved that he had insurance. I'm delighted that I got such a good deal, and I wasn't nickel-and-dimed to death. The price I was quoted was what I paid. Try getting a car like that!

* Because I'm moderately wealthy, I could doubtless have afforded almost any surgery that I would have wanted. What was striking to me in dealing with everyone from the surgeons themselves to all of the other wonderful staff at your office was that nobody did a cashectomy on me as I walked in the door. I gave ample opportunity for people to pile on procedures (and price), but it was clear that nobody was either trying to squeeze every last cent out of me, or pushing an agenda of remolding me into some stereotypical image of a Barbie doll. Transgendered individuals are, I suspect, particularly vulnerable to being pushed into approaches of great cost and marginal benefit. I was so glad to work with people who clearly had my best interests in mind and who worked with me to find the best way to address my issues, and who were quite prepared to say "you don't need to do that" if I mentioned a possible procedure that could have made them a pile of money.

* We are all used to the heartless way that the medical system works in the US. When calling around to look for surgeons, I was met with a surprising degree of off-handed cluelessness and thoughtlessness by surgeons of high repute. A number of them simply said "we won't work on men" (isn't a nose a nose?). Others jerked me around. From the second I walked into BAAS, I was treated like a princess. Nobody questioned my sanity, or patronized me in any way. Of course, the offices are nice and clean, and everyone has a sunny disposition, but it was in the little details that I was allowed to feel genuinely cared for. When I was waiting for my slot in the OR, one of the nurses even went out of her way to get me a copy of Vogue to read – a minor issue, but a sign of being considerate. This was by far hands down my best experience of any sort with the medical profession.

Your business is one that lives and dies by referrals and satisfied customers. I'm a profoundly satisfied customer, and delighted to drop your name to anyone. If I ever decide to have any more work done, I certainly won't even think about shopping around.

My only regret is that I didn't do it all thirty years ago. Thank you so very much for all that you've done.

Approximately two years ago, I visited Doctor Beck's Office to discuss surgery to enhance my sagging face and to have my look more in line with my transgendered feminine lifestyle. When I was greeted by Dr. Beck's very proficient, friendly and understanding staff, I felt very comfortable and relaxed in discussing what they had to offer.

That initial contact was one of the reasons that I choose to have a fairly extensive set of procedures performed: sagging upper and lower eyelids corrected, cheekbones added (I had none), tightening the sagging of my neck and facial features, and my forehead smoothed.

The entire process was explained to me clearly and concisely, and although there are payment plans available, I chose to pay the entire cost all at once which, of course, put a big crimp in my savings account! But, it was worth it.

Part of the procedure is that the patient must remain overnight in a facility that has nurses to overlook you while you recover. This is for one night, and should you be like myself and have no one to assist you to get home, there is a service that you can hire to get you home.

My entire operation lasted approximately nine hours according to Dr. Beck. Although most would expect that the recovery would entail pain, I had none at all and never used the pain relieving medicine prescribed.

I was asked to return in about a month after the operation, to have any stitches removed that were not self-dissolving, and to examine the results of the operation. As I do not have much hair, the incision across my scalp could have been visible, but in my case it was not. Other possibly visible scars are either totally unseen or so slight that they are quite unnoticeable.

I am extremely happy with the entire procedure, the staff and Dr. Beck, and would recommend him to anyone who asks. My feminine look was much enhanced and I feel very, very confident when I am in public portraying the person I have come to love and be comfortable being.

Throughout the entire time that I have been associated with Dr. Beck's and his staff, I have been pleasantly and professionally treated, and I feel I have friends there.

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