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Our liposuction is a tried-and-true body sculpting procedure that has been in use for the decades. It is intended not for weight loss, but for removing stubborn deposits of excess fat that have not responded to diet and exercise.

With advances in technology, liposuction is an excellent tool for sculpting a sleeker, smooth, slimmer silhouette, in the hands of skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joel Beck at Beck Plastic Surgery we provide some of the best liposuction Charlotte has to offer. Advanced liposuction techniques can help minimize loose, sagging skin that comes with aging and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

As liposuction in Charlotte, NC is not a weight loss procedure, candidates should be physically fit and close to their ideal weight. Liposuction is not recommended if you are planning to become pregnant or lose a significant amount of weight.

You may be a good candidate for liposuction if you:

  • Are within 30% of your ideal body weight
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have good skin elasticity (as the skin must shrink after the procedure)
  • Have stubborn deposits of excess fat in the abdomen, thighs, hips, breasts, back, buttocks, arms, calves, ankles, or neck
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Types of Liposuction We Perform

As a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Beck combines surgical skills with training and experience in cutting-edge liposuction techniques to produce beautiful, natural-looking results. He performs body contouring procedures with artistry and precision, using a variety of liposuction techniques.

Tumescent Liposuction

Before fat is removed with tumescent liposuction, the surgeon injects a solution containing epinephrine (synthetic adrenaline) and lidocaine (a local anesthetic) into the treatment area to reduce bleeding, bruising and discomfort for a quicker, easier recovery.


This minimally-invasive, laser-assisted body sculpting procedure is a great alternative to traditional liposuction for removing excess body fat. Is uses a specially calibrated laser to liquify fat cells through the skin, after which the fat is removed through small incisions.

SmartLipo can be performed under local anesthesia in approximately 45 minutes to an hour for each treatment area. The laser coagulates blood vessels to minimize bleeding, bruising, and swelling for less post-treatment pain and discomfort and smoother results.

VASER LipoSelection

Also known as VASER liposuction, this procedure combines advanced technology and surgical techniques to break up and remove stubborn fat deposits. It uses ultrasound energy to emulsify fat, without damaging the surrounding nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue.

VASER liposuction is a comfortable, minimally-invasive procedure that can be performed under local anesthesia with no sutures or scarring and little or no downtime. This treatment improves the elasticity of the skin, which helps it adhere quickly to your new, sleeker body contours.

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What Is Recovery Like after Liposuction?

We encourage patients to walk around as soon as possible after a liposuction procedure to improve circulation and promote healing. You will need to wear a compression garment on the treated body area to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and help ensure the skin attaches properly to your new slimmer body contours.

After our Charlotte liposuction, you may experience temporary bruising, swelling, and numbness, and mild discomfort which can be easily controlled with medications. Most of our liposuction patients return to work within a week after the procedure.

Liposuction Charlotte, NC

How Soon Will I See Results after a Liposuction Procedure?

You can expect to see results immediately after liposuction in Charlotte, NC. However, your results will continue to refine over four to six weeks following the procedure as your body heals and post-surgical swelling subsides completely. As performed by Dr. Joel Beck at Beck Plastic Surgery, state-of-the-art liposuction body contouring can remove pockets of localized fat to create a slimmer, more attractive, younger-looking silhouette. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Beck for arguably the best liposuction Charlotte, NC has to offer.

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