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It is possible to maintain a fresh, young face for longer with various non-surgical techniques, but only a facelift will accomplish full facial rejuvenation. This is the appropriate procedure for people who are living with more serious signs of aging skin, or those who have lost a significant quantity of weight and are left with sagging skin that diet and exercise cannot resolve.

We invite you to meet with Dr. Joel Beck and have a confidential consultation about our Charlotte facelift surgery. You will have the opportunity to visualize the outcome with our VECTRA 3D imaging system.

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Highly-Skilled Facelift Surgeon

When considering facial plastic surgery, you need to be fully confident in your surgeon. You are a likely candidate for this procedure if you are tired of looking in the mirror and seeing one or more of the following:

  • Sagging facial skin
  • Jowls
  • Deep creases running from nose to corners of your mouth
  • An unsightly double chin
  • Creases extending from mouth to chin

Facelift Before & After

Facelift Charlotte

The Facelift Procedure

Every facelift in Charlotte at Beck Aesthetic Surgery is a custom procedure. Advances in aesthetic and surgical technology can benefit you, and modern surgical techniques are far superior to older facelift procedures that left the face looking unnaturally tight and pulled. A private consultation will reveal what procedure will produce the most attractive improvement for your individual problems. The options include:

Charlotte Facelift

Full Facelift

This procedure is often appropriate for people with significant signs of aging skin and excess sagging, drooping, creases, and lines. A full facelift will restore a more youthful look for ten to fifteen years into the future.

In this procedure, an incision is made in an area that will be hidden, typically at the temples, within the hairline. For those with a higher degree of excess sagging neck skin, another incision may be placed under the chin, where it will not be visible once healed. Through these carefully-placed incisions, lax facial muscles, tissue, skin and fat are repositioned. Excess skin, fat, and tissue will be removed and the incisions carefully closed.

The SMAS layer (“superficial musculoaponeurotic system,” or deeper tissue layers in the face) may need to be adjusted to restore the facial muscular structure. This procedure is far superior to older techniques of the past, in which the skin was just tightened. Your face will appear natural, defined, and like you, as you were in the past.

Charlotte, NC Facelift

Short Scar Facelift

Some patients do not require a full facelift in Charlotte, NC; they can achieve rejuvenation with a “short scar” technique. This may be the correct surgical approach if you have mild to moderate facial sagging but do not have extreme neck sagging or laxity. The incisions are shorter, recovery time faster, and the scars are hidden and virtually invisible once recovery is complete.

Facelift Charlotte, NC

Endoscopic Facelifts

Modern technology makes it possible to avoid large incisions wit the use of a tiny camera, inserted through small, well-concealed incisions. This type of facelift can dramatically improve certain aesthetic issues in the cheek area but is not considered appropriate for those who want to address sagging neck or lower face tissue and skin.

Facelift in Charlotte

Cheek Lift

Droopy cheeks are one of the more depressing signs of aging facial skin. As the skin loses its firm, supple quality, and stops producing collagen at the same rate, the cheeks can droop and sag, creating deep folds from nose to the sides of the mouth, called nasolabial folds. To address this issue, it may be possible to restore a more youthful look with a cheek lift, in which incisions are made within the mouth, and are completely invisible once healed.

Other Options

You are unique and only a private, in-depth consultation will reveal what procedure will create the changes you envision. We offer other procedures including non-surgical dermal fillers, BOTOX, and facial fat grafting in which your own natural fat can be added to the cheeks or temples to restore volume and lift. Schedule a consultation today for arguably the best facelift Charlotte has to offer.

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