The Beauty of a Neck Lift

Dr. Joel Beck is excited to offer the neck lift procedure at his Charlotte, NC plastic surgery practice. The neck is a common area for concern, as it comes with many issues that can give away age — such as a double chin, loose skin, neck bands, and the “turkey wattle”. These areas can make you appear heavier or older than you actually are, but a neck lift achieves a smoother, more defined, more attractive look for the neck and profile.

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What is a Neck Lift?

In simplest terms, a neck lift is basically a facelift that is performed on the neck region. It is designed to redefine contours and create a tighter aesthetic by lifting the neck skin. Beyond improving the look of the neck, this procedure also has a great effect on the lower chin and jaw. It works by extracting excess skin and fat and tightening the neck, achieving a smoothing effect throughout the entire area. 

This procedure involves a combination of multiple techniques, including liposuction. During the private consultation, patients will undergo a full assessment in order to determine the best treatment options for them.

Key Benefits of a Neck Lift

  • Reduces a double chin
  • Beautifully defines the chin, neck, and jawline
  • Tightens sagging skin
  • Decreases neck wrinkles
  • Delivers a more youthful-looking neck
  • Boosts appearance and confidence

Candidates for a Neck Lift

Dr. Beck is pleased to offer this effective surgical procedure to those in the Charlotte, NC area and beyond. Individuals who are good patients for a neck lift are those who:

  • Want to improve the appearance of their neck
  • Want to remove a double chin, creased neck skin, or a “turkey wattle”
  • Are unhappy that their neck is making them look older or heavier than they are
  • Are non-smokers in overall good health
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Neck Lift Surgery: What to Expect

A neck lift is performed under local anesthesia and light sedation, or with IV sedation. Incisions are made beneath the chin and behind the ear, and the skin will be detached from the underlying muscle and fat. The fat will then be carefully removed, along with excess skin, and the muscles will be tightened. Once the incisions have been closed, surgical dressings will be applied. These will need to be worn during recovery. The entire neck lift procedure typically takes two hours. 

Recovery and Results

  • Approximately two weeks of recovery time needed
  • You will wear surgical dressings for one week
  • You will experience swelling, bruising, and some discomfort, particularly in the first several days
  • Residual swelling lasts for several weeks
  • Keep your head elevated, even when reclining or lying down 
  • Results are finalized when the swelling and bruising have completely disappeared (approximately four months)
  • Scarring will be nearly invisible in one year
  • Results can last up to ten years or more
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Why Choose Dr. Joel Beck?

Dr. Joel Beck is a fellowship trained, board-certified plastic surgeon with a background in craniofacial surgery, microsurgery, burn surgery, reconstruction, and advanced plastic surgery. He is a member of the CSPS, ACS, and ASPS, and is also a frequent speaker at professional meetings, as well as a published author of several works in the field of plastic surgery. With Beck Aesthetic Surgery in Charlotte, NC, he has established an aesthetic practice with surgical and non-surgical options that has earned a respected reputation for excellence and quality. Dr. Beck brings integrity, artistry, professionalism, and passion to every procedure he performs, always working closely with his patients to achieve the optimal outcome.

Neck Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Does a neck lift get rid of jowls?

Does a neck lift affect the face?

Are you awake for a neck lift?

Where will my scars be after a neck lift?

Does a neck lift get rid of jowls?

Yes. A neck lift removes excess fat and reverses skin laxity, achieving a reduction in the appearance of jowls.

Does a neck lift affect the face?

A neck lift procedure is designed only to affect the neck and chin. It will not have any effect on the face unless requested by the patient.

Are you awake for a neck lift?

Neck lift procedures are most often performed under general anesthesia. Patients can rest assured that they will be unconscious throughout the treatment.

Where will my scars be after a neck lift?

A neck lift procedure involves incisions behind the ears and under the chin. As such, patients will often develop some scars in these areas.

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