What is Regenerative Facial Fat Grafting?

Regenerative fat transfer for face (also called injectable tissue replacement or exosomes injections), is an exciting development in plastic surgery and anti-aging procedures. This process uses the patient’s own fat cells as a source of regenerative cell that is then injected into the face. Fat tissue holds powerful healing properties and regenerative cells for rejuvenation. 

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Benefits of Regenerative Facial Fat Grafting

The benefits of injectable regenerative medicine are numerous and have a purpose for all age groups. They include:

  • Minimally invasive
  • A very precise scale of expertise
  • Increases collagen and elastin in the skin 
  • Replaces the exact tissue you’ve lost. 
  • Provides structure and regenerates cell tissue
  • Reverses aging of the skin that is due to environmental causes
  • Younger patients can use the process to slow their facial aging

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What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a medical field that focuses on repairing decaying or aged tissue by using similar tissues that support the body’s abilities to return to a state of wellbeing. Millions of adult stem cells are found in everyone and are used to repair the body. 

Studies have shown that when these adult stem cells are removed and then injected at the site of diseased or damaged tissue, reconstruction of the tissue can occur under the right circumstances. This technology allows for a more natural surgical process.

Rather than using bought fillers as the method for adding volume, regenerative medicine focuses on using the patient’s own tissue to not only replace lost volume, but to literally slow the aging process.

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How it Works

Regenerative fat transfer involves using liposuction to remove regenerative cells from a patient’s body, then resizing and reinserting them into the face, neck, or hands for rejuvenation. In addition, this technology has an effect on the underlying bony changes that take place as a person gets older, and is believed to actually slow the decaying of the bone.

The liposuction portion of the procedure uses a small cannula (a small, thin tube) to break up and remove fat. This fat is then passed through a device that creates three differently sized fat particles, which are utilized in different ways.

  • The largest-sized fat cells are injected into the deep fat compartments that lose volume with age
  • The middle-sized fat cells are injected into the more superficial areas of the face and the hands
  • The smallest-sized fat cells are injected very superficially into the skin to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage by increasing collagen and elastin
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Combining Regenerative Fat Transfer with Other Procedures

Injectable tissue replacement can be used alongside other procedures such as a facelift and microneedling to enhance results.

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Why Choose Beck Aesthetic Surgery?

Beck Aesthetic Surgery in Charlotte, NC is among the first practices in the Southeast to embrace the use of regenerative fat cells to restore volume and fight the signs of aging. This is par for the course for Dr. Joel Beck, who is known and respected for staying on the cutting edge of recent developments in the surgical arts and advances in non-surgical treatments. Dr. Beck is a warm, professional, results-driven plastic surgeon who wants to not only improve your appearance, but also your overall wellbeing. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over two decades in practice and a reputation for excellence in aesthetic plastic surgery. To learn more about exosomes injections, we welcome you to contact our office today. 

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