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In recent years, stories of patients becoming ill from breast implants have increased.  While some of these cases may be true, the jury is still out on whether breast implant illness is a valid concern that patients should have when considering breast augmentation. Still, this trend has caused many women to rethink their decisions on breast implants. It has even resulted in many women reversing their procedures and having their implants removed. 

At Beck Aesthetic Surgery, we pride ourselves on keeping our patients up-to-date on all of the latest developments in the world of cosmetic surgery. The following information is for prospective breast implant patients. 

What is Breast Implant Illness?

While breast implant illness is a phrase that is often used online to describe certain conditions, there is no official diagnosis with this title. The term is used to describe a collection of symptoms that some women experience after receiving breast implants. The effects are diverse, including everything from general chest pain to chills. Some women even attribute cases of hair loss to the condition.

These effects may manifest immediately following the procedure or several years down the road. As such, it can be difficult to determine whether the negative effects the patient is experiencing are the result of the breast implants or another issue.

What Causes These Symptoms?

While breast implant illness has quickly become a concern amongst cosmetic patients all over the country, breast implants maintain their FDA approval and are still considered to be generally safe by the cosmetological community. 

While the concerns and experiences of patients are valid, there is a lack of proof regarding a link between breast implants and the symptoms that are being associated with them. As such, it is difficult to say with certainty whether or not breast implants are actually the source of these conditions and what percentage of breast implant patients will experience them. 

Not All Breast Implants are the Same

Nonetheless, the lack of evidence does not imply that breast implants never cause illness. Those who choose to undergo a breast augmentation procedure should do so in a safe manner, only relying on industry experts to carry out the treatment. This includes making sure that the implants they receive are high quality and FDA-approved. Some implants have been recalled due to safety issues, and these products can definitely cause problems for patients. In cases where the patient is experiencing any unpleasant symptoms due to their implants, they can be removed through a procedure known as breast implant removal. 

That said, most implants are safe, and this is especially true in cases where they are inserted by a certified practitioner with many years of experience. Patients who make good choices regarding their implants and the practitioners providing them are typically happy with their results. 

What is the Takeaway?

While there is an uptick in news regarding breast implant illness, there is a lack of information regarding how it manifests and how it is caused by the breast plants themselves. Nonetheless, patients who experience these symptoms must address them right away, starting with an appointment with their practitioner. These side effects can be remedied either through breast implant removal or replacement with new implants. 

Dr. Joel Beck and his team of industry experts work incredibly hard to ensure that all of their patients leave their office looking and feeling their best. Contact us today to schedule a private consultation and learn about our breast implant procedures. 

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