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Why Choose
Dr. Beck?

When it is time to alter your body to match gender identity, many surgical procedures may be required. To create the most impressive outcome requires more than surgical skill – it requires artistry, and a deep understanding of the ideal anatomical ratios of each gender. Every surgical procedure must be in alignment with these ratios, and be performed with meticulous care for a result that is truly stunning – and truly feminine or masculine.

You are Unique.

Every person is unique in what they envision, and in face and body features that need a procedure. Dr. Beck is one of those rare people who has the ability to listen, and takes all the time necessary to fully understand the vision of his patients, and to guide them towards the most effective solutions, whether surgical or non-surgical. Beyond his artistry in determining how to best feminize or masculinize face and body, he is known for his exceptional surgical skills and for achieving truly remarkable results in TG surgery.

A Background That Serves the TG Community

Dr. Beck is a highly-dedicated, board-certified plastic surgeon, who has devoted years to advanced education to better help his patients. His fellowship in burn surgery, and residencies in craniofacial and reconstructive surgery have helped him achieve his astonishing level of professional skill in TG surgeries.

Beyond his outstanding credentials, Dr. Beck is a caring, compassionate human being who is proud to assist the brave individuals who are taking the step to achieve a body to match the inner self. Communication is a vital aspect of a successful journey from MTF, or FTM. It is critical that your plastic surgeon cares about you as an individual, and has extensive experience in the full array of complex procedures that are involved in TG surgery. We invite you to meet with us and discover a plastic surgeon who takes your happiness and future seriously, and can perform every procedure you need with the highest level of surgical skill.

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