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Facial Feminization

Once a person has embarked upon the brave journey from male to female, various aesthetic issues can be addressed to achieve a delicate, refined, feminine facial structure. Dr. Beck, a highly-skilled plastic surgeon is proud to assist his courageous patients in every aspect of altering the face and body to reflect their true identity in the most beautiful way.

This very personal transitional journey is exciting, possibly frightening, but full of hope and promise. It is very important that facial feminization surgeries are performed by an experienced facial plastic surgeon with an extensive record of working closely with the transgender community, and treats every patient with the care, kindness, and compassion they deserve. Dr. Beck is known for his truly stunning results in facial feminization in Charlotte, NC. The array of procedures an individual will need to achieve their vision varies, but may include:

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Facial Feminization Surgery Charlotte, NC

Cheek Feminization

To achieve a gorgeous feminine facial appearance, some patients may need to alter the cheek structure, so it is softer, and creates a naturally feminine heart-shaped contour. To achieve this may require adding fullness or reshaping the facial structure to address any of the harsher aspects of the male face. Every cheek feminization procedure is customized for the unique facial structure of the patient and may involve the use of cheek implants or facial fat grafting for a soft, feminine look.

Charlotte Facial Feminization surgery

Chin Reduction

The female face has a smaller, more refined chin structure. For a more delicate facial appearance chin reduction surgery may be one aspect of your journey to feminine facial beauty. This procedure can reduce chin projection, size, create a rounder and softer look, lengthen the vertical dimension, with a range of shapes that can be created, based upon what will create the most feminine look for your facial structure.

Facial Feminization in Charlotte


A male face often has a more prominent brow bone, often projecting outwards. The shape and contour of the forehead is a subtle gender signal, and for MTF patients, it is often important to create a more feminine, smoother brow with a customized surgical procedure. The boney ridge above the eyes can be reduced to soften the facial structure. Every patient is unique, and Dr. Beck will work closely with you to help you achieve a truly feminine look, based upon what will achieve the most beautiful result.

Best Facial Feminization in Charlotte, North Carolina

Jaw Reduction

In facial feminization, jaw reduction may be a necessary procedure to create a softer, lovelier look. The lower facial contour can be softened, shaped, and altered to create the appealing, natural, feminine look to enhance the entire face.


Nature gives the male body a larger nose in many cases, and reshaping it may be a necessary procedure in full facial feminization. A nose reshaping procedure, or rhinoplasty, can make a smaller, more appealing nose structure, reduce nostril size, while addressing issues such as humps on bridge or other aspect that looks less female. In performing this procedure, it is vital that the entire facial structure is analyzed so result is the perfect enhancement.

Tracheal Reduction

A tracheal reduction, or tracheal shave, is a procedure to smooth the throat area so a jutting Adam’s apple is removed. This feature is strictly masculine, and for most MTF patients, this procedure is an important one to complete. Having a smooth, feminine neck will help you feel confident in a fully-feminized look, finally free from this particularly masculine feature. Schedule a consultation for one of the top MTF surgeries Charlotte, NC has to offer.

MTF Top Surgery Charlotte, NC

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting can plump up various facial areas with your own natural fat, in conjunction with facial implants, or on its own. Nothing is softer and more natural in appearance than natural fit used to plump cheeks or other area of the face.

Charlotte MTF Top Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

You may want to alter and enhance your eyes so they are more open, feminine, and inviting. Eyelid surgery can resolve a range of cosmetic issues, including hooded dyes, saggy upper lids, puffiness beneath the eyes, under-eye bags, and fine lines for a smooth, fresh look that reflects your true nature in the best possible way.


For MTF facial feminization, some patients will require a custom facelift to smooth and firm the facial structure, remove excess hanging skin and tissue, and leave the face looking young, fresh, and exceptionally feminine in appearance. To achieve superior results requires the highest level of surgical skill, a great depth of understanding and experience in TG surgery, and an artistic eye for the details, as is found in our board-certified transgender surgeon, Dr. Joel Beck. Schedule a consultation for one of the best procedures of facial feminization Charlotte, NC has to offer.

TG Hair Restoration

The transition from MTF may include resolving thinning or balding areas. Our approach to this vital aspect of feminization is to use a revolutionary system called NeoGraft. This system allows Dr. Beck to harvest single hair follicles from the back of the head and transplant them into the thinning area, whether they can flourish and fill in missing hair. The procedure is far easier to tolerate than traditional hair transplant procedures, where a strip of your scalp is removed from which to extract follicles. The tiny injury created by this individual extraction method heals quickly, and there are no scalpels, sutures, or scars.

What is the cost of Facial Feminization?

The cost of facial feminization can vary anywhere from $15,000 – 25,000, this price reflects the total cost—the surgeon’s fee, the OR fee, the anesthetic fee, and everything else included in your procedure.

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