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Why choose Dr. Beck?

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Whether FTM or MTF, Dr. Beck has the expertise necessary to perform one of the best procedures of transgender surgery Charlotte has to offer and help you feel who you really are. Learn more about individual masculinization or feminization procedures that you are interested in.

Your journey

Cosmetic surgery is elective surgery. It is highly personal and should not be taken lightly. The good news is you have time to make the best decision possible for you. Once you decide to have our Charlotte transgender surgery, the next step is to choose a doctor.

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Charlotte Transgender Surgery
Transgender Surgeon Charlotte

About Dr. Beck: Transgender Surgeon in the Charlotte, NC

At Beck Aesthetic Surgery, we are very proud of our work with transgender patients and our ability to help them through the journey to full transition. Our goal is to create the most stunning outcome -- a body that matches the inner self and meets your vision. Dr. Beck is committed to assisting patients transitioning from MTF or FTM and offers all the needed surgical procedures to create a truly stunning, natural look that is truly yourself.

Charlotte Transgender Surgeon

Highest Standards for Excellence in Transgender Surgery

Dr. Beck is known for holding the highest standards for surgical excellence, for his personal integrity, and for his deep compassion and commitment to the transgender community. His is personally driven to act as a true partner in the journey to a face and body that reflects your vision of self.

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, he is dedicated to seeking newer and better procedures and treatments in transgender surgery. His approach is artistic, and he strives to help transgender patients identify their true goals and perform superbly performed surgical techniques to achieve those goals.

Best Transgender Surgery

What to Expect: Transgender Surgery

Transitioning often involves several surgeries and is a multi-step process. Gender identity shapes your approach to life, and a step-by-step method helps to make your transition smooth. Initially, hormone therapy begins the process. Most patients will then live as a member of the opposite sex for a period, after which they undergo surgical alterations to face and body. Whether MTF or FTM, Dr. Beck performs surgical procedures needed that may involve face and body. Transgender surgery may include several procedures.

MTF Transgender Surgery


  • Breast augmentation
  • Body reshaping and recontouring
  • Facial enhancements of nose, chin, jawline, brows, eyes, and neck
  • Lip alterations, augmentation or lift

Facial alterations are often an important part of the transition, including surgical enhancement of the eyes, nose, brows, jawline, or lowering the hairline, along with reducing the appearance of a visible Adam’s apple. As the transition involves several surgeries, each with a period of recovery, planning ahead is of importance. For each surgery, a minimum of two weeks of rest is typically necessary.

FTM Transgender Surgery


  • Mastectomy to remove breast tissue to create a flat, firm masculine upper chest
  • Facial alterations specific to the patient, for nose, jaw, yes, cheeks, etc.

In FTM transitions, the breasts are removed, Mastectomy (removal of breast tissue), to create a flat, firm masculine upper chest. Facial alterations specific to the patient, for nose, jaw, yes, cheeks, etc. can also be an important part of the transition. The first step is always a private and thorough consultation to discuss what you envision, and to carefully plan the months ahead and each stage of surgical transition.

Best Transgender Surgeon

Who is a Candidate for Surgery?

While this may seem to have an obvious answer, it is important to understand all the factors involved prior to planning a total transformation to the opposite sex. Physical health is always important, as surgery places stress on the body. Emotional health is also a factor, as the changes created in your body shape, appearance, and function will be altered for your lifetime.

Any patient considering undergoing transgender surgery in Charlotte will require a full medical evaluation and a review of any medications currently taken. Some may need to be stopped prior to surgery, and we liaise with your doctors on this point and may request medical clearance from your primary care physician. Some medical conditions must be addressed and resolved prior to undergoing an invasive surgical procedure. Any smoking must be halted completely at least three weeks prior to surgery, as smoking inhibits blood flow and can lead to problems in recovery.

Transgender Surgery Charlotte

Our Dedication to You

From your first appointment through to the completion of your transition, we work closely with our patients. We are never in a rush, and you will never feel that you are “just another patient.” You aren’t. You are a brave, committed human being who wants to live life in a body that matches your inner concept of self. We invite you to meet with us and to discuss all your questions, fears, and concerns. We are honest, forthcoming, and can help you make these critical life decisions.

Best Transgender Surgery Charlotte

Becoming Yourself – At Last.

Most of our patients have struggled for many years, living in a body that does not match the concept of self. Even the beginning steps of planning your transition bring hope for the future and is an exciting part of the process. At Beck Aesthetic Surgery, our team is extremely honored to serve the transgender community and to be part of such an enriching, life-changing process.


Our patient testimonials are a true testament to Dr. Beck’s diligence and results. Feel free to browse what our happy patients have had to say.

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We offer our patients plenty of educational resources, allowing them to glean as much as possible about our complex treatments and procedures. If you wish to learn more about arguably the best transgender surgery Charlotte has to offer, please call our office for details.

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