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Eyebrow Restoration

Thick, lush brows are a beautiful facial enhancement – but you may not have been blessed with this feature. Perfectly-formed, thick brows frame your eyes, drawing attention and creating a more dramatic look. Many people begin to lose brow hair due to age, or never had lush brows. Dr. Beck uses an advanced hair restoration technique for eyebrow hair transplants that produces stunning results. Rather than using cosmetics to try to achieve the look, you can create natural brows with living hair.

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Hair Restoration Techniques

Unfortunately, brow hair can begin to thin as a result of various genetic and environmental factors, including:

  • Low thyroid
  • Side effect of chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • Anemia
  • An array of physical ailments and conditions
  • Injuries
  • Dietary deficiencies
  • Genetics
  • Extensive brow plucking in the past
  • Aggressive electrolysis or laser hair removal
  • Some cosmetics
  • Side effect of medications
Eyebrow Restoration Charlotte

NeoGraft Brow Restoration

If you are tired of seeing thinning brows and want thicker, lusher brows, it can be achieved with a groundbreaking hair restoration system called NeoGraft. This system is far superior older, traditional hair transplant methods, and provides the ability to create perfect brows – when performed correctly, by a hair restoration expert with deep experience in this delicate procedure. Dr. Beck has dedicated his plastic surgery practice to helping people experience higher levels of confidence in appearance through a wide range of surgical and non-surgical enhancements and is extremely skilled in eyebrow hair restoration with the NeoGraft system.

How Eyebrow Hair Restoration Works: The Details

The automated method by which hair follicles are harvested is far better for the patient – there is little recovery time involved. The process proceeds with the following steps:

  • The eyebrow area to be treated will be marked for accuracy in transplanting hair to the brows. Men and women have different types of brows; the care with which the angle and arch is created is a critical point in the result. Dr. Beck uses extreme care in planning the exact point at which the hair will be implanted, along with the direction it will grow.
  • Local anesthetic is applied to the harvest site, as well as the brow for patient comfort during the procedure, which is performed as an outpatient procedure, and does not involve scalpels, incisions, or leave visible scars, and heals quickly.
  • Single hair follicles are harvested from the nape of the neck with the NeoGraft automated system. On this area of the head, a greater number of single-hair producing follicles are present – the correct follicles for eyebrow hair restoration. The diameter of these hairs is also very similar to the hair strands in eyebrows, the optimum harvesting site for the procedure.
  • The single follicles are carefully transplanted to the brow area, each placed with meticulous care so the new hair grows in the proper direction – exactly like natural brow hair.
Charlotte Eyebrow Transplant

What to Expect After Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Immediately following the procedure, your brows will appear thicker. You will not need to take days off work but can continue with your usual activities. With any hair transplant, during the initial stage the transplanted hair will shed. After shedding, in the following weeks, the now healthy follicles will begin to produce new hair. This may take a few months, but the results are well worth the wait – you have thicker, fuller brows that are fully natural in appearance.

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