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Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is procedure that takes a person's own viable fat cells from one area of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs, and injects them into other areas of the body to increase volume. It is highly effective for facial rejuvenation and buttocks augmentation, and an excellent choice for adding volume to areas of the face, such as the cheeks, lips and chin, that have been diminished by the aging process, or to plump up areas that have been affected by scarring or acne.

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Unlike dermal fillers that must be replenished, fat grafting can produce a long-term, structural change in the tissue with the help of the stem cells present in the transplanted fat. This can result in not only the expected increase in volume but may improve the skin’s texture and tone.

Who is a candidate for fat grafting?

Generally, anyone who is in overall good health and is seeking an increase in volume to facial areas, or buttocks and has adequate fat stores is a candidate for fat grafting. Dr. Beck will review your medical history during your consultation to ensure there are no contra-indications.

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How is fat grafting done?

Under local or general anesthetic, fat is harvested from the patient’s abdomen or thighs. The technique is similar to liposuction, with the difference that for facial volume replacement, smaller quantities of fat are extracted. This fat is then purified, and droplets are injected into the designated area(s), until the desired amount of fullness is achieved.

Fat grafting is a minimally invasive procedure. For facial rejuvenation, it can be combined with non-surgical fillers to create a truly youthful appearance. It may also be combined with liposuction to further recontour the buttocks.

Recuperation After Fat Grafting

The body will absorb a percentage of the injected fat over the first few months following the procedure. To ensure that the desired volume is achieved and will remain long term, the injected areas will be “overfilled,” giving them a slightly swollen appearance until his natural absorption is complete.

You may also experience swelling, bruising and redness in the area from which fat was removed, as well as in the area to which it was injected.

Recuperating from buttock augmentation may require wearing a compression garment for four to six weeks, and the area may be sensitive for two to four weeks. Because the newly transferred fat is relatively fragile, you should not sit or lie on the affected area of the buttocks for the first two to four weeks. As with the face, there will be some degree of swelling. It should subside in approximately three weeks but can last longer for some patients.

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Natural. Soft Volume with Fat Grafting

Because the fat is harvested directly from the patient, there are minimal risks related to tissue rejection. However, you will be given detailed post-procedure instructions, which should be followed carefully to ensure the beautiful, long-lasting results you are hoping for. This may include certain dietary restrictions.

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