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Meet Dr. Joel Beck

Dr. Joel Beck has garnered a reputation for excellence in aesthetic plastic surgery. As an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, he has great artistry in creating natural-looking enhancements for face, breasts, body, and skin. Dr. Beck has a background in clinical research in burn surgery, reconstructive surgery, and microsurgery, a powerful foundation for the cosmetic procedures he performs at his private plastic surgery clinic and medspa in Charlotte, NC.

Education and Training

After completing a surgical residency at University of California, Dr. Beck chose to advance his education by completing a fellowship in both burn surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Fellowship training is a superior method by which to master a specific medical discipline and involves an added year of hands-on training and research. Only the most dedicated medical professionals choose fellowship training to enhance knowledge, skills, and expertise.


Dr. Beck is a current member of several professional associations, including:

At Beck Aesthetic Surgery in Charlotte, Dr. Beck believes in staying at the cutting-edge of recent developments in the surgical arts, along with advances in non-surgical treatments to enhance body and face. With over a decade in practice, he is a recognized authority in aesthetic plastic surgery, and a frequent guest speaker at professional meetings, as well as a published author of several scholarly works in the field of plastic surgery.

Procedures: Dr. Beck and Plastic Surgery

Dr. Beck performs an array of advanced surgical procedures, including:


Patients often come to Dr. Beck as they feel unhappy with the size, shape, or projection of the nose. Rhinoplasty is one of the most delicate and complex facial procedures and must be performed with meticulous attention to detail and artistry for the reshaped nose to be perfectly balanced with the other facial features. There is no “cookie-cutter” surgical method for a nose job; every procedure must be tailored perfectly for the individual patient. Dr. Beck is known for his outstanding results in this complex procedure.

Breast Augmentation

A perfectly balanced figure is rare – but the breasts nature gave you can be enhanced with breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Beck is known for his attention to patient needs, and for achieving beautiful results in breast augmentation surgery, whether with silicone or saline implants. He will work closely with you to choose the right shape, size, and projection to enhance your body – and your self-confidence.

Hair Restoration

Losing your hair can be horrible, but thankfully, modern technology makes it easier than ever to restore thicker, fuller hair. Various hair restoration techniques are available, and Dr. Beck selects the most effective method for the level of hair loss (or balding) you are experiencing. With an advanced hair implant system that harvests healthy hair follicles one at a time, many patients can restore a receding hairline or thinning hair without scarring for a very natural look. Find out more.


Nothing shows your age like sagging, wrinkled facial skin. Dr. Beck is an artist in facelift surgery and known for his skills in creating a fresh, youthful look – not a pulled or stretched appearance. If you are ready to look as young as you feel, we urge you to find out more about Dr. Beck, his excellent surgical outcomes, and look over before and after images of his patients – his skills and artistry lead to results that are simply, outstanding.

Transgender Surgeries

Dr. Beck works with patients on a transformational journey from male to female, or female to male, and has extensive experience in all the procedures involves in achieving a body that appears as it is meant to be – as who you truly are.

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