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Body Feminization

Total body feminization involves several surgical procedures. The entire journey from MTF takes a great commitment to altering the body in every way, so it appears naturally feminine, from face to neck to upper and lower body. Your transition will be planned carefully so the experience moves through the different phases in the most comfortable way possible. The various procedures that are often required includes:

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MTF Breast Augmentation Charlotte, NC


Our advanced liposuction system can remove fatty deposits in the tummy zone, back, or other area to create a trimmer, appealing, feminine body contour.

Charlotte MTF Body Feminization

Liposuction at Waist

The male body may store fat at the waist and tummy that can be reshaped and recontoured to create a feminine look. The plan for the individual is established with great care and attention to detail so the final body contour appears as it should – to match your true identity.

Male to Female Body Feminization

Tummy Tuck

To create a slim, trim abdomen with a distinctly feminine appearance may require a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty. This procedure addresses loose muscles, saggy skin and tissue, and fat deposits lingering at tummy and waist. Stretched or separated muscles will be repaired and tightened. If you have lost a significant quantity of weight, whether through diet or bariatric surgery, this procedure can provide you with the trim, fit look you envision.

Breast Implant Choices

One of the critical aspects in body feminization is the creation of the perfect breasts. Many of our patients choose to enhance the size of their busts with breast implants. Now, more than ever before, you have a wider range of options in breast shape, size, and projection. With the assistance of the VECTRA 3D system, you can see exactly what each size and shape will look like before making a decision. Factoring in issues such as shoulder width is always part of Dr. Beck’s process in helping his patients in this crucial part of body feminization. Your options include:

Silicone Implants

Many patients choose silicone implants, as these implants feel and look extremely natural. The silicone gel within the shell has a similar weight and consistency to natural breast fat, and offer the perfect “bounce.” As there is less breast tissue, silicone implants may be the choice that works best for you, as these implants are less prone to problems such as rippling, which can become visible when the patient has inadequate breast tissue to cover the implant.

Saline Implants

These implants are filled with a saltwater solution – and are filled after being placed. The advantage with saline implants is that the required incision is far smaller. These implants must be carefully placed, and for some patients it is possible to place the implant beneath the chest muscle structure to help conceal the edges of the implant and limit the possibility of rippling. Schedule a consultation for one of the best MTF breast augmentations Charlotte, NC has to offer.

Male to Female Body Feminization in Charlotte

Natrelle and Sientra Breast Implants

Aesthetic technology continues to bring better products to the market, and many transitioning patients choose the latest generation of implants, called “gummy bear.” These implants are filled with a different type of silicone gel that mimics female breast tissue like no other. The breasts created with these implants retain their rounded, plump shape no matter what position of the body. These have the added advantage of being less likely to leak should the implant rupture as the gel within retains its shape even if the outer shell has a leak or tear. These implants come in anatomical shapes (teardrop) that match the shape of the natural breast or rounded for a fuller breast look.

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