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Your Journey

You are on an exciting journey – a journey to your real self. The procedures that will achieve the final look you envision will be yours alone. Every patient has a customized treatment plan, based upon what will be necessary in feminization or masculinization. What will it require in your case? We invite you to visit our Charlotte NC practice, and take advantage of the fact that you will have the opportunity to “try on” various changes with our digital system, the VECTRA 3D.

Once you have reached the conclusion that to live life as yourself will require altering face and body to the correct gender, the next step is to interview your surgeon. You must be completely confident that your plastic surgeon has a great deal of experience, the right credentials, and an long record of creating exceptional results. Dr. Beck is a leader in the field of transgender surgery and has garnered a reputation for excellence in the transgender community.


TG Surgery: It can be an Emotional Journey.

We understand that this journey requires great bravery and commitment, and is an emotional, spiritual, and physical experience. Dr. Beck is a caring, compassionate, and dedicated medical professional who can guide you through the transition, working closely with you at every stage of your journey. Knowing your plastic surgeon cares abut you as an individual is a critical point – and we are here for you from start to finish.

Starting the Process

Initially, most of our TG patients call our clinic with questions. We do our best to answer their questions thoroughly and send them written information to explain the various procedures in TG surgery. It is important that your decisions are based upon accurate knowledge, and we make it a point to answer every question thoroughly and honestly. Once your initial questions are answered, you can schedule a private consultation with Dr. Beck, which is more detailed, and allows him to look at your body, your proportions, and discuss what procedures will be needed to feminize or masculinize your face and body.

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