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Post-Operative Instructions

Part of a successful surgery is healing. You, as a patient, must be fully committed to following all doctor’s instructions, both prior to and after your surgery. We provide all instructions in your pre-surgical package and ensure that you understand what you need to do to speed healing.

Vitamins and Supplements

We believe that your recovery can be faster and more successful with the help of nutritional supplements. The supplements we use were developed specifically to aid in healing after cosmetic procedures. The VitaMedica product line includes supplements to support the immune system, ward off infection, reduce inflammation, and limit bruising. These supplements can help your healing proceed faster, and are easy to use.



Some more extensive surgical procedures, such as a full body lift, may require a short stay at an aftercare center where you can be monitored by medical professionals. The majority of patients can return home, but should plan to have another adult assist you during the early stages of recovery. Other minor procedures will not require this extent of aftercare, but we will work closely with you so you plan out your recovery correctly. Should you need a safe, medically-supervised center at which to spend a day or a few days, we will direct you to the most pleasant, convenient, center in the Charlotte area.

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