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Planning Cosmetic Surgery

If you are planning to undergo a cosmetic procedure, you deserve to understand all the details. We make a point of educating our patients about the planned procedure, what to expect in recovery, and any risks. As cosmetic procedures are elective surgeries, your first step is to select a surgeon you trust. It is always advised that you review the qualifications and credentials of the surgeon, look over ratings and reviews, and meet with the surgeon in person. It is vital that you feel comfortable and establish an instant rapport.

Dr. Joel Beck is a highly-skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who is known for his ability to create natural-looking results. Beyond his high ratings on realself.com and healthgrades.com, where he has a five-star rating, he is known for his warm demeanor, genuine interest in his patients as individuals, and his high-level skills in performing an array of cosmetic procedures.

Connect with Us.

Our friendly staff is available to assist you and to answer your individual questions. You can reach out to us by phone or email to find out more about a specific procedure. Once you reach us, we are happy to forward you information on the surgical procedure you are considering so you gain more knowledge about what to expect.

If you are interested in the costs involved in a procedure, we can provide you with general information, as only an in-person consultation will reveal the extent of the surgery appropriate for you.

Your Initial Appointment

We set appointments over the phone or by email. Use our online appointment form to set a convenient time for your initial consultation and exam. You won’t be rushed; we plan our days so that we have plenty of time with each patient. We will contact you two days prior to your initial appointment to remind you.

At Your Consultation

When you come to our plastic surgery clinic in Charlotte, our friendly receptionist will guide you through the first steps, which includes filling out an extensive health questionnaire. Take care in answering questions so we get all the information on your medical history, any medications and supplements you currently take and any health conditions you have.

When you meet with our surgeon, you will have the opportunity to get all your questions answered about the procedure. There are many advances in cosmetic technology, and we provide the various options that could achieve the improvement you envision. You have the opportunity to look at images of other patients we have treated so you can see the real-world results of the procedure. Digital images will be taken of you as a starting point. A fee quote will be provided so you know what to expect in cost, as well as financing options.

Schedule Your Surgery

We will schedule your procedure at a convenient date and time that works with your schedule. A legal form called an “Informed Consent” will be given to you for review, which explains issues such as potential risks or complications.

You will have a pre-op appointment at which we confirm you are a safe to undergo the procedure with medical and lab reports. The prescriptions for the medications you will need after surgery will be provided so you have all you need at hand prior to the surgical appointment.

Your Surgery

You will come to the surgery center to be prepared for your procedure. Our surgical suite has been established with all of the latest technology and is operated with the highest standards for patient safety. We believe that a successful procedure should be in an environment that is nurturing, secure, and tranquil.

Prior to your procedure, you will meet with our anesthesiologist and Dr. Beck. The type of anesthesia used will vary, based upon the type of surgical procedure, and may be general, local, or include intravenous sedation.

Recovery After Surgery

We closely monitor our patients in the days following any surgery. To be released to return home, you will need to have the assistance of an adult friend or family member to drive you, and for some procedures, to stay with you for a few days. You will have full aftercare instructions that must be followed very carefully – they are for your benefit. Your first follow-up appointment takes place the day following the surgery.

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