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NovaThreads is a non-invasive injection-only innovative technology designed to trigger a self-healing response from your own natural collagen. NovaThreads is a synthetic insertable suture that is made of polydioxanone (PDO),long known for its biocompatibility. For an example, it is routinely used in surgical operations including open heart surgery and considered one of the safest materials that can be used in the body.

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How Does NovaThreads Work?

Sutures come preloaded into delivery syringes offering a very quick procedure with no recovery time necessary. NovaThreads has proven effective for brow, neck and jawline areas. The thread will be absorbed by the the body in four to six months without leaving a trace.

NovaThreads Charlotte, NC | Charlotte NovaThreads

What is the NovaThreads Treatment Experience?

NovaThreads are inserted into an inner layer of the skin in a particular configuration to create a lifting mesh effect and to trigger natural collagen production and self-healing. During the period of time the body is absorbing the PDO suture, the skin is stimulated to repair itself around the treatment area. The NovaThreads work with the body’s natural regenerative processes and can produce a remarkable improvement in your appearance.

NovaThreads Charlotte, NC | Charlotte NovaThreads

Fast and Effective for Facial Rejuvenation

Each NovaThreads session takes place in a private treatment room and takes less than a half hour. The treads are carefully placed in the interstitial tissue about 3 millimeters below the surface of the skin. Depending upon the condition being addressed, between 4 and 12 threads may be installed.

There are two techniques that may be employed:

  • NovaMesh. Creating a cross-placement for a well-supported lift.
  • NovaLyft. Used for a more dramatic lift using barbed threads pulled in two directions, creating an immediately visible lift until new collagen can stabilize the area over the next months.
NovaThreads Charlotte, NC | Charlotte NovaThreads

The Lifting Effect: NovaThreads

NovaThreads is designed to be able to create a lifting mesh structure under the skin that can provide an immediately noticeable improvement, which will continue to improve in the months ahead.

NovaThreads Charlotte, NC | Charlotte NovaThreads

Who is NovaThreads Designed for?

NovaThreads targets patients who have mild skin laxity, which means that although age is not a factor, older patients have less ability to produce natural collagen which may make this treatment less effective. This treatment is appropriate for those who are experiencing the early signs of aging in the mid to lower face who are seeking a non-surgical rejuvenation. A smoother, more defined jawline, a subtly lifted lower face, and firmer, healthier skin can be yours with this revolutionary treatment.

What Does NovaThreads Treat?

NovaThreads can be inserted in many locations but it is especially effective in the problematic neck and jawline regions. This separates it from dermal fillers and BOTOX, as they are difficult to use effectively in these areas. Slightly modified versions of NovaThreads allow it to lift and improve numerous areas:

  • Subtly lifted facial skin and tissue
  • Smoother neck area
  • More youthful jawline definition
  • Cheek lift
NovaThreads Charlotte, NC | Charlotte NovaThreads

What are the Benefits of NovaThreads?

  • Controlled inflammation, or “selective inflammatory response,” and healing under the skin using the body’s natural ability to build up collagen.
  • Facial lifting and smoothing without invasive surgery or short term dermal fillers.
  • Incision and pain free.
  • No recovery period or downtime, although results continue to improve over time.
  • Fast procedure can be scheduled at a convenient time for you – even over lunch hour.
  • Natural results. When working with the face, small changes can have spectacular results. You don’t look like you’ve had work done. The results are subtle but significant, and very natural in appearance

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