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PRFM stands for “platelet-rich fibrin matrix.” PRFM is PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, taken to the next level. The platelet-rich fibrin matrix suspends the PRP in the treatment area for longer, allowing more of the platelets and growth factors time to trigger regeneration in the surrounding tissues.

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What is PRFM?

The platelet-rich fibrin matrix is created on the day of your treatment. A small amount of blood is drawn and then placed in a centrifuge to separate the PRP. After the platelet-rich plasma is separated, calcium chloride is added, creating the PRFM. The calcium chloride transforms the PRP into a soft gel, essentially creating a scaffolding that allows the growth factors in the PRFM to remain in the treatment area for longer.

PRFM | Beck Aesthetic Surgery

What are the benefits of PRFM?

PRFM boosts the effects of PRP by holding the growth factors present in the PRFM in place in the treatment area. The product can produce enhanced healing and regeneration, with the PRFM remaining active for up to a week instead of being absorbed by the body in a day. PRFM produces improved results with PRP treatments. Some of the benefits include:

  • Aids in the revitalization of your skin when used in skin rejuvenation treatments
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles
  • Can be used to treat hair loss
  • Can be used to speed healing after a surgical enhancement
  • Enhances the results of laser treatments for skin rejuvenation
PRFM | Beck Aesthetic Surgery

What doesPRFM treat?

PRFM has the same versatility as PRP, with heightened effectiveness. PRFM treats a range of conditions, including:

  • Restores skin firmness and quality with a natural gel rather than a synthetic filler
  • Smoothing lines and wrinkles
  • Enhances skin quality
  • An effective hair loss treatment to trigger healthy hair growth
  • Treats dark undereye circles
  • A natural dermal filler, triggering cell regeneration
PRFM | Beck Aesthetic Surgery

Am I a candidate for PRFM?

If you are considering skin rejuvenation treatments or hair loss therapy, then you might be a candidate for PRFM. Schedule a consultation at Beck Aesthetic Surgery to see if PRFM is right for you. The PRFM is created from your own blood, so the treatments carry little risk. PRFM makes it possible to smooth your skin without a natural substance.

PRFM | Beck Aesthetic Surgery

The PRFM treatment procedure

The procedure will depend on the area you want to restore. The basics of the process are as follows:

  • Drawing the blood sample and placing it in the centrifuge for separation
  • Applying a numbing agent to the treatment area
  • Creating the platelet-rich fibrin matrix
  • Injecting the PRFM into strategic points in the treatment area

You will be given instructions to follow before your treatment and post-treatment care instructions. These instructions may include avoiding blood-thinners and alcohol before and directly after treatment and other instructions to help you achieve optimal results.

When will I see results?

Results take time to develop, and multiple treatments are often required to achieve full results. You can expect to see visible results developing in the weeks following your treatment, which increases with each subsequent treatment. Your treatment schedule is based on the condition of your skin or hair, and what Dr. Beck believes can be achieved with this groundbreaking regenerative treatment. If you are planning a skin rejuvenation with laser treatments, the addition of PRFM can enhance your results, while speeding healing.

Why choose Beck Aesthetic Surgery?

Dr. Joel Beck is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the founder of Beck Aesthetic Surgery. He and his team have dedicated their professional lives to helping people look and feel their best. By offering PRFM, Dr. Beck remains at the leading edge of the ever-developing field of aesthetic technology. Schedule a consultation at Beck Aesthetic Surgery for more information about PFRM.

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