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Tier 2 Hair Loss

The thickness and quality of your hair is an important part of your appearance. The second of hair loss, called Tier 2 involves a slowly receding hairline, with more of the forehead being revealed. Noticeable thinning is occurring, but is not yet extreme. Limp, droopy hair, broken hair strands, brittle hair, and thinner strands are all symptoms of tier 2 hair loss. The hair follicles are starting to fail, and are no longer producing an abundance of strong, healthy hair strands. Treating tier 2 hair loss involves addressing the problem at its source: the hair follicle.

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Genetics and Hair Loss

Most hair loss is the result of your genetic code; if your mother’s father, or your father, are bald, chances are you will lose some of your hair. Male pattern baldness, (called “androgenetic alopecia) and female pattern baldness impact in the range of 30 million women and 50 million men in the USA. Many people choose to do something about it, rather than just accepting that more extensive hair loss is around the corner.

Hair Miniaturization: A Symptom

Your hair follicles move through various phases. It is normal for a person to shed up to 100 hairs a day, with most of this shedding going unnoticed. Each hair follicle is programmed to produce hair for about two to six years, after which it will go dormant. With about 100,000 follicles on the scalp the dormant follicles don’t present a problem – until the hair strands start to change.

It has been discovered through medical research that the hair follicles are impacted by an enzyme in the follicle interacting with testosterone, binding to receptors in the follicles, shrinking them in size. As they shrink, the hair produced is thinner and finer, with the follicle eventually rendered unable to produce any hair.

Modern Hair Restoration in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Joel Beck is an accomplished plastic surgeon who stays ahead of the curve on the latest treatments for hair loss, including treating tier 2 symptoms. If your hair is thinning, and others in your family go bald or have bald spots, thin hair, or a receding hairline, we urge you to connect with us, so we can treat the condition and help you maintain a thicker, healthier head of hair for the long term.

Symptoms of Tier 2 Hair Loss

The noticeable changes in hair growth associated with tier 2 include:

  • Hairline begins to recede
  • Loss of hair at temples
  • Hair appears to be slightly thinning

While it may be natural to have a slightly receding hairline, this early stage of hair loss can advance if not treated, leading to further hairline recession. If you have noticed your hairline is beginning to recede, we urge you to meet with us to find out about the latest treatments and what we recommend as a treatment.

Hair Restoration: Dr. Joel Beck

Dr. Joel Beck employs the latest advances in hair restoration to help his patients maintain thick, healthy hair, as well as modern hair restoration techniques to produce a healthier beard, thicker brows, and effective treatments for balding or thinning hair.

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