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Tier 1 Hair Loss

Hair loss is measured in different “tiers.” Tier 1 is the early stages of hair loss, a common problem for both men and women. Hair loss can begin early in life, with some people noticing the initial stages as early as late adolescence or the early 20s. The thickness and quality of hair is most often determined by genetics, and in some cases, can be a side effect of medication – but modern hair restoration techniques make it possible to limit the amount of hair you lose, and to restore healthy growth through various techniques.

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What is Tier 1 Hair Loss?

The symptoms of tier 1 hair loss include the following:

  • Hair strands are thinner and weaker
  • Hair texture changes
  • Increased hair shedding

If you see that the quality and strength of your hair is changing, or you are shedding a large amount of hair every day, early intervention is important. Treating this level of hair loss may involve the use of FDA-approved medications, or the use of PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. PRP is a product extracted from your own blood that is rich with growth factors that trigger healthier hair growth. Several approved topical medications are known to be effective in halting further hair loss. Only a full evaluation of your current condition will reveal the most effective treatment for your case.

Age and Tier 1 Hair Loss

Many people come to us for hair restoration because they see their hair beginning to thin and are worried about what the future will bring. Developments in medical science have led to the groundbreaking new topical treatments that are very effective – but the treatment should be started immediately. If you wait to treat tier 1 hair loss, the condition will advance to a more serious level requiring a more invasive procedure. If you are already in a later stage of hair loss, don’t worry – we use the breakthrough treatments and systems for hair restoration.

How to Stop Hair Loss

When you see that you are losing many hairs every day after showering or notice that your hair is losing strength and thickness, it is important that you get treatment. Weak, damaged or thinning hair typically gets worse – not better. Taking steps now can help you avoid undergoing a more invasive treatment later. Dr. Beck is here to help you restore the thickness and quality of your hair and identify the treatment that will be most effective for you.

Charlotte Hair Restoration Clinic

If you have concerns about losing more hair, we urge you to connect with us at our Charlotte clinic. Dr. Beck is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in treating hair loss with state-of-the-art hair restoration treatments, including treating hair loss in the early stages. A full, thick, healthy head of hair is an attractive physical attribute, and it is well worth your time to find out how to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Hair loss often leads to less confidence in your appearance and worries about what to expect in the future. We urge you to call us at once if you are in the early stages of hair loss – something can be done about it, and it should start now.

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