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Hair Restoration

Tier 1 Hair Loss

Tier 1 is the early stages of hair loss, a common problem for both men and women. Hair loss can begin early in life, with some people noticing the initial stages as early as late adolescence or the early 20s.

Tier 1
Eyebrow Hair Restoration

Tier 2 Hair Loss

Tier 2 involves a slowly receding hairline, with more of the forehead being revealed. Noticeable thinning is occurring, but is not yet extreme. Limp, droopy hair, broken hair strands, brittle hair, and thinner strands are all symptoms of tier 2 hair loss.

Tier 2
Facial Hair Restoration

Tier 3 Hair Loss

Tier 3 hair loss must be treated with more than a topical cream. Most people who are living with tier 3 hair loss are candidates for hair transplants to fill in the balding or receding areas.

Tier 3

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