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Lip Augmentation

Your lips can be a powerful feature, but not every person has been blessed with perfectly-formed, plump lips. One of the most requested procedures we offer is lip augmentation. Whether to enhance naturally thin lips, or to restore volume in lips have thinned due to age, lip augmentation can enhance your entire face by adding volume and definition, leaving you looking more attractive and youthful.

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Candidates for Lip Enhancement

Any person who is unhappy with the size, fullness, shape or definition of the lips can be helped with this procedure. The beauty of lip enhancement is that it makes you look young, fresh, and subtly appealing. It is vital that the correct quantity of dermal filler is used – overfilled lips can be strange in appearance. Always select a highly-skilled professional for this facial enhancement, and never try a “deal” when it comes to lip augmentation – it must be carefully and correctly performed for beautiful results that appear natural.

Is lip augmentation right for me?

It is important that your lip augmentation is performed by a top-rated plastic surgeon who is known for beautiful results – you don’t want an overfilled, unnatural look. It takes skill and knowledge to create the perfect look. You are a candidate if you are seeking:

  • Fuller, plumper upper lip
  • Fuller, plumper lower lip
  • Increased volume in upper and lower lip
  • Better lip definition
  • A “cupid’s bow” lip
  • Restored volume in lips after age-related volume loss
  • More appealing lips that look young and attractive

Lip Augmentation Procedure

Some patients first try dermal fillers for lip enhancement and then choose to move forward with a lip implant for long term results. With dermal fillers, only about one hour is needed, with little recovery time, if any. The dermal filler will slowly be absorbed by your body, and you will need to have subsequent appointments (about every three to six months) to maintain the look. With lip augmentation surgery, once completed, your lips will remain full and plump for the duration.

Surgical lip augmentation requires about one hour, typically with local anesthetic. The incisions are placed in the corner of the mouth, with a tiny tunnel created in the tissue in which to place the lip implant. The implant is then inserted, positioned, and then the incision closed with tiny sutures.

Recovery from Lip Augmentation Surgery

Most patients will require about one to two weeks to fully recover. The side effects of surgery can include some mild pain (managed with medication), swelling, bruising, and minor bleeding. You will be prescribed antibiotics to ward off the risk of infection. Sutures will be removed about ten days after the procedure, and the final appearance of your enhanced lips is visible (with all swelling gone) within about two to three months.

Other Surgical Options for Facial Enhancement

Many of our patients seek a more complete facial rejuvenation and may choose to undergo several procedures in one surgical appointment. The options include a nose surgery, facelift, eyelid surgery, ear surgery or skin rejuvenating treatments such as laser skin resurfacing. Some patients seek a less invasive procedure and choose dermal fillers, or the minimally invasive “Madonna Lift,” a non-surgical alternative to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while lifting the brow for a younger, fresher look.

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